Monday, March 19, 2012

Public Speaking

1. Where have you implemented public speaking within your role?
     I have implemented public speaking every Wednesday when we meet for Service Squad. I have to conduct the meeting and welcome every one for the night. I also share a spiritual thought and talk about what we are going to do that night. Last semester, I was really scared to do that. I decided to have courage this semester, though, and I have enjoyed doing it.

2. What aspect of public speaking are you going to improve on?
     One aspect of public speaking that I want to improve on is to learn to love public speaking. I want to stop being so nervous and to understand that it is just like having a conversation with other people. Instead of worrying so much about what people think of me when I'm speaking. I want to have the motive to help people learn. I need to change my perspective about public speaking.

3. What did you like best or was surprised to learn in Diona’s presentation?
     The only aspect of the presentation that really surprised me was the principle to converse with your audience when you give a presentation. That really is all public speaking is and when I think back on all the lectures or presentations I've seen, the best ones were where the presenter interacted with the audience and acted as if he were just talking with us.

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