Monday, March 26, 2012

Leading Change

How have you implemented change or would implement change in your leadership role? 
    Considering that there are less than 12 days left in the semester, I think the greatest change that I could implement at this point, would be a change in the individuals who come to Service Squad. BYUSA's purpose is the create leaders centered on Christ and to build Zion communities. I would like to implement this change within the Service Squad volunteers. I think this is the greatest and most enduring change that should be made. If I can help my volunteers become more Christ-like leaders who serve others, I would consider my job well done. 
     I will implement this change by increasing my service towards my volunteers and by showing forth a greater example of divine-centered leadership. I will increase my serve by seeking out each volunteer individually and writing them a personal note, thanking them for their service and example in my life. Doing this will help them realize that they are precious individuals who can make a difference in other's lives. I will also increase my example by striving to be a more Christ-like leader. I will seek out the "one" and strive to give others the opportunity to lead, just as Christ trusts us to lead. Giving others more opportunities will help them serve and lead others. I will start asking other committee members to share spiritual thoughts and to share the vision and mission of BYUSA at the beginning of Service Squad. 

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  1. You are one of the few that actually got this blog post right. Great post.