Monday, April 9, 2012


What part of networking do you find most difficult? How do you plan to make it less difficult for you?
I find that the most difficult part of networking is making that first initial contact with a person. I will make this less difficult for me by finding ways to network that are comfortable for me. For example, I feel more nervous asking people directly for help, so instead I will build up a relationship through Linkedin or through friendships  that will help me to more easily network.

Now that it is the end of our class, how would have networking helped you as a leader in your leadership role?
Networking would have helped me in my role as Program Director for Service Squad by giving me the opportunity to invite more people to Service Squad. We don't get a large turnout for this program and so if I had a larger network, I could have invited more people to come, which would have made Service Squad more popular.

What will you do specifically to help overcome the fears you identified?
I will try harder to make networks now, such as forming more friendships both within and without my spheres. This will help me develop a habit of forming networks, which will help me connect with others when I need to find opportunities. For example, with the upcoming Spring and Summer terms, I can talk to more people and make new friends, so those people can become a part of my network.