Saturday, March 10, 2012

Conflict Management

1. Write down what physiological responses you have when you know you are in conflict.
     When I'm in conflict, my palms start to sweat and I blush. I ALWAYS blush. I also have a difficult time thinking of what to say.

2. List 4-8 steps you can follow to help you manage your thoughts and emotions in a productive way to manage/solve your conflict.
     a. Take deep breaths.
     b. Remind myself that the situation doesn't have eternal significance.
     c. Remind myself that I'm a child of God and that no matter what I say, or if I don't say anything, I am still important and greatly loved.
     d. Remind myself that everyone else is a child of God and that they are important and loved.
     e. Pray for help in staying calm and at peace and to have help in knowing what to say and do.
     f. Take my time in sharing my opinions. I don't have to answer right away. I can think about it for a second and then answer.

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