Monday, January 9, 2012

Intro/Leadership Role

What leadership roles do I have now? 
   I have several leadership roles. I have the continuous roles as a daughter, a sister, and a friend. I serve as the Relief Society meeting coordinator in my ward. I am the vice president on the 3200 hall council in Helaman Halls. I also serve in BYU/SA. I am the program director for Service Squad within the Communications area, and I am also the program director for Honor Choir within Student Honor.  

What leadership qualities do I possess?
   I have the ability to set good examples for others--people notice my actions. I am organized and good at remembering tasks I need to complete, as well as details that need to be attended to. I possess the ability to delegate responsibilities to others. I am good at being realtistic, and realizing which ideas will work for a specific situation and which ones will not. I am compassionate and I truly care for other people and I have the desire to help others reach their full potential.

Which leadership role will I focus on to apply the principles I learn in this class? 
     I will focus on my leadership role  as program director for Service Squad. I choose to focus on this role because I love BYU/SA so much and I aspire to be an executive director. I feel that the necessary skills I learn in this student development class can aid me in becoming a more divine-centered leader of the volunteers in Service Squad. I want to do my very best, so I can prepare for the possiblity of being an executive director.

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  1. Great role! I am excited to hear and learn from your experiences. Good post.