Monday, January 16, 2012


Talk about who you met, what you learned, and what was the most valuable part of the experience.  
   I'm program director for Service Squad and every Wednesday night at 7:00, I have the opportunity and responsibility to serve students at BYU. When the volunteers arrive, we divide into pairs and go to a pre-determined housing complex around campus and knock on their doors, offering our service for the night. I went to Service Squad every week last semester, and I always had a good time, but Wednesday night, I decided to truly get to know my partner's heart. Bromwyn is a senior studying plant and wildlife science. Although several days later, I don't remember where she was from or other details from her personal life, I remember that she is kind and she has a good heart. She wants to be a teacher and she loves serving others.
       I had a wonderful experience that night. I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed when I went to Service Squad that night, and had hoped that some service would lift my spirits. However, I found that the joy and gratitude I gained did not come from taking out some student's trash, it came from talking to Bromwyn, making her feel comfortable and welcome, and truly getting to know her heart. Although, I've had many partners for Service Squad that I didn't know before, I always talked to them because I was program director and it was my duty. I didn't have the right motives. But on Wednesday night, I wanted to get to know Bromwyn because that is what the Savior would've done if He was in my position. He would have loved her because He knew her heart. I made that my goal that night: to learn to love her heart, even if I didn't necessarily know everything about her. I think I realized that goal. I greatly enjoyed my time spent with her that night. Most importantly, I realized that when you have charity for others, you can more easily feel the Savior's personal love for you.  

How will you apply the principles of Divine Centered Leadership to your role?
   As program director for Service Squad, I have the opportunity to be one-on-one with a volunteer each week. I will use this opportunity to truly get to know their hearts. I want to develop Christ-like love for those people and serve them by making them realize their potential as leaders and as children of God. Throughout the coming weeks, I will try harder to get to know other's hearts and have the right motive as a leader.

What does being a “servant leader” mean to you?
     Being a "servant leader" means that instead of bossing people around and giving out orders, you do as Christ did: serve them. Christ was a "servant leader" because He served others and let His example and kindness do the leading. A "servant leader" is someone who devotes all their efforts to serve those who they have stewardship over.  

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