Monday, January 30, 2012


Do you think you are effective at communicating and how can you improve?
     There is still much work that I need to do in order to improve my communication skills. I am good at taking initiative to get work done and translating my messages to fit the audience. I'm also good at following through with my responsibilities so others can gain integrity and trust in me. However, I sometimes struggle with involving others and having positive optimism. I need to remember that everyone has ideas that need to be shared. I will try harder to be willing to ask for other's ideas and to be receptive to those ideas. I will also work on communicating messages of hope and inspiration. I will look at the good and positive in every situation, instead of focusing and communicating the negative aspects. Incorporating these skills into my communication within Service Squad will help me become a more Christ-like communicator.

What are some new or different ways you learned to communicate that you will apply to your leadership role?
      I had never heard of having analytical skills in your communicating. I think that is an important quality to have. I will work to listen to what every volunteer in Service Squad and those on my committee say and then gather all of those ideas and incorporate them into the big picture and mission of Service Squad and BYU/SA. 

Realistically, what kind of listener are you? What can you do to become a better listener?
     I am progressing in my listening skills. Oftentimes, my thoughts wonder when I listen to people and I start to think of how I will reply to their questions and comments. However, I need to not do this and I need to fully listen to what people are saying and then after they finish, I can take a couple of seconds and think of my own comments.

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