Friday, February 24, 2012

Decision Making

1. Use the 6 C's or Dr. Nielsen's process to discuss a decision you have made in your role. (Go step by step)
     One of the decisions I have made in my role, was my initial decision to accept the opportunity to be a program director for Service Squad. This was a somewhat significant decision that I had to make because being a program director would take some time out of my week and so I wanted to make sure that I wasn't accepting something that I couldn't personally handle. Looking back on my decision making process, I recognize that I used Dr. Nielsen's, or the Lord's, approach to decision making.
          a. identify the problem: the problem I identified was the decision I had to make whether or not I had time to be the program director. My desire to accept the opportunity wasn't in question. I really wanted to get involved. I just had to determine if I had enough time during the week to commit to this role.
          b. pray for guidance: When I found out about the opportunity, I prayed to be guided in making this decision. My involvement as a program director and in other areas within BYUSA is really important to me and it is something I am highly passionate about. Because I was already involved, I prayed to know if being program director for Service Squad was something that was the Lord's will for me to do, or if it was just something that I was interested in.
          c. study the problem: I didn't take too long on this step because this decision wasn't highly significant, but I did study my problem out. I looked at my average weekly schedule to see if I could commit to be in the office during the week and to see if my Wednesday nights were usually conflict free so I could commit to do Service Squad.
          d. make the decision: When I realized that I could orchestrate my time to commit to this, I decided to be a program director.
          e. pray for confirmation: Once I realized what I truly wanted to do, I prayed again to see if it was really the right thing. Immediately, I felt really peaceful about accepting this responsibility and I felt really excited to begin being a program director.
          f. act--do it: I immediately told Mallory that I wanted to be a program director and since then, I've followed through with my commitment to be at stewardships and committee meetings and to be there Wednesday nights to conduct Service Squad.

2. Why can a model like RACE help activities or events run smoother?
     I think that having  a specific outline of what you are supposed to do to conduct and carry out an event is really helpful. People are able to know that they need to research and train, create an action plan, carry out the event, and then evaluate the event. This will make it run smoother because people won't be wondering what the next step is to take, and they will be able to move forward without wasting time.

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