Monday, February 20, 2012

Balance and Time Management

1. Based on Tamara's lecture, our discussion, and the advice given by your classmates what new goals or time management adjustments are you going to be making and why?
     I was really impressed by Tamara's lecture. One of the points she made that stood out to me most was to change your attitude. I've always thought about managing time as "juggling time" and I loved how she said that we should instead think of it as "conducting or orchestrating time." Juggling time sounds overwhelming and I think it has a negative connotation. I love knowing that you can orchestrate your time into something beautiful, while prioritizing certain parts and making some areas in your life louder than others. A goal I am going to focus on is developing the attitude that it is okay to focus more on certain aspects in my life than others. Sometimes, I feel like I have to do it all and I have to do is all perfectly. However, there are some things in my life that need to take priority and I need to remember that as well as remember that priorities change. If I do this, I will feel less bad and guilty when I feel like I can't do it all. 
     I also really liked what Macy said about being accountable to the Lord for every minute that He gives you. We really are accoutable and it is important to be wise stewards. I've made the goal of reporting at the end of the day to the Lord about how I spent my time. If I do this, I think I'll be able to better control bad habits, such as going on facebook or taking unneeded naps.

2. Define balance and how you implement it in your role or your life?
     I think that balance is best found when Christ is at the center. Imagine your life as a bicycle wheel. In order for it to properly work, you need a center circle that all the spokes lead off of. If Christ is at the center, I think you would realize what is important in your life. I don't think balance is having a certain number of credits or a specific number of hours that you spend with friends each week. I believe that everybody's definition of balance is unique and your personal "balance" can be found when Christ is at the center of your life. In order to implement balance in my life, I strive to make Christ the center of everything I do. I study the Gospel, pray, attend my Church meetings and the temple, and fulfill my Church calling. By doing this, I'm closer to Christ and the Holy Ghost is my constant companion. This means I can receive the personal revelation to know how I should be using my time.
3. Give an example in your role where you have had to be an excellent time management leader.
     As a program director for Service Squad, I manage my time by realizing that I can't spend countless hours doing my role. I'm a student, as well as a friend and daughter, and I need time to fill those roles as well. I manage my time as program director by recognizing how many hours I spend in the BYUSA office, so I don't spend so many that I don't fulfill my other responsibilities.

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